Junior Church

We delight in sharing the gospel with our children and we delight in them sharing with one another.

We have an all-age service once a month; all other Sundays, Junior Church (pre-school and primary aged children) meets upstairs after about 20 minutes of Church family worship including a children’s slot.

We begin with all ages gathered together for a story and a game and possibly a song led by Mary, Catherine or Joyce. The older children enjoy encouraging the younger ones.

We then split into two groups:

  • Preschool children have an opportunity to play at one end of our large room with Margaret, Cynthia, Anna, Susan or Jill.
  • Primary school children meet for age-appropriate activities – crafts, games, quizzes and discussion, challenging the children to explore the steps to faith in our Lord Jesus. Mary, Catherine or Joyce lead on this too, supported by Sheila, Rachel, Tony, Pauline.

 The children would normally remain upstairs until the end of the service but occasionally Junior Church join the rest of the Church family to share in family communion.