Pastor Kenny' letter - December 2018

Well friends, the season of Advent is almost upon us as we prepare for the celebration of Christmas! 

We have been with you for three months now and it has been amazing how quickly the time has flown by - and even more amazing how we have seen God at work over these last few months. 

Perhaps you have your Christmas tree and lights up already? Or have your Christmas shopping done already, much to the envy of your family and friends?

Christmas shopping and Christmas trees have a limited life span in the year but the traditional themes of hope, joy, love and peace that are celebrated during Advent, aren't just for Advent - they are for life!

Our morning series, which will be: Hoping for Jesus, Finding Peace, Living in Joy and Responding to Love, are lifelong themes for our lives.

I'm reminded of John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son .... This is who we celebrate as we recognise God gave of himself that we might have authentic hope, peace, joy and love in him.

So, this Christmas amidst the hubbub, the toil and the festivities, take time to remember the old cliché, 'Jesus is the reason for the season'. 

Rejoice, though, that God's gift of himself wasn't limited to a baby born in a manger; indeed, we know the next part where Jesus died and rose again, paving the way for us to be fully reconciled and restored to God himself.

Now that is something to celebrate!!!

Every blessing for this Christmas time and the year to come.