TLG - Early Intervention ...a new area of service for CBC

1 Child, 1 Coach, 1 Hour

TLG (The Lighthouse Group) support primary aged children who are struggling with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. The ‘timeout’ programme is delivered in partnership with local churches and has been developed to tackle behavioural difficulties, in school as they emerge, averting potential future crisis. The programme brings space and a timeout for the child in school, during school hours. They are coached through their issues and encouraged in their abilities. It gives each child the opportunity to understand their feelings, look at coping strategies, explore the choices they have and related consequences of the choices they make.

TLG have trained 8 volunteers who are involved in the Clayton Baptist Church community to become Behaviour Coaches. This is a great opportunity for those who have some experience supporting children professionally, in church or as parents. The role involves building relationships with the child, their parents/carers and school staff. The coaches are working within local Clayton Primary Schools.