Our History 


The church was formed in 1828. For a time prior to that several members of the General Baptist Church at Queenshead (now Queensbury) were described as

“earnestly desirous of bringing the means of grace nearer to their friends and relatives living in the village as the nearest place of any denomination was above a mile distant”

 An account of the formation of the church on 7 August 1828 is contained in the roll book, still in use in 2018. It started with twenty six members, fifteen from the church at Queenshead, one from the church at Allerton and ten whom were baptised by the Rev H. Hollingdrake of Hebden Bridge.

 The first church building was erected in 1830 and a Sunday School begun in 1831. By 1880 the membership was one hundred and forty four and in 1892 the church buildings were re-built. The present buildings were opened in 1984.

 The original foundation stone from the 1830 building is inscribed “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us”. Our testimony is that He still does. Thanks be to Him for all His blessings